Close the gap

Job seekers ``not able`` to find the right job opportunity
Companies ``not able`` to find good workers

Notableā„¢ is a cloud-based platform that enables discouraged job seekers and company volunteers to connect and learn from each other.

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How it works

Request help from the Notable community
Get answers and determine next steps
Build connections and skills to reach your goals

Why it matters

1 in 5

people have a disability

70 percent

of disabilities are invisible

82 percent

of people with disabilities are unemployed

15 million

active job seekers have a disability

1 in 4

acquire a disability before turning 65

3 out of 4

would rather lose their job than ask for accommodations

Why it REALLY matters

Grow your network
Who knows what you know
Share your experience
In teaching others we teach ourselves
Find new opportunities
Old ways won't open new doors

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